Therapy Programme

Comprising 9 individual sessions, ideally to be delivered over a 9 week period:

1. Anxiety Management x 3 sessions (weeks 1-3) to include:

  • Understanding Anxiety Responses
  • Understanding ‘fight or flight’
  • Gaining techniques for relaxation/ breathing
  • Focusing on thoughts, feelings and patterns that can trigger anxiety
  • Consolidation and evaluation - ‘personalised’ techniques

2. Anger Management x 3 sessions (weeks 4-6) to include:

  • Thoughts: automatic ‘anger responses’ (gained in childhood/adulthood)
  • Self-reflection  - feelings/expressions of anger
  • Cultural expectations of expressions of anger
  • Personality types
  • Behaviours and consequences; Impact of anger on others and self
  • Future planning

3. Assertiveness Skills x 3 sessions (weeks 7-9) to include:

  • Communication skills -  mapping to Anxiety and Anger Management
  • Promoting self-esteem and confidence (Role-play)
  • Evaluation, reflection and ‘completion’  - changing behaviour
  • Choice and empowerment; “How to do things differently”
It is recommended that individuals attending complete all 9 sessions in order to gain maximum therapeutic value.

The sessions are pre-arranged, usually on a weekly basis and are of 1½ hours in duration, allowing for mid-way break/refreshments.

The sessions are led by an experienced facilitator and Mental Health professional.

Venue: these sessions may be brought ‘in-house’ to your organisation or to an external venue at your arrangement.

Cost/charge rate:  On application (these may be ‘shared’ across provider services and/or then charged to individuals attending)

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Therapy programme

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