Person Centred Approach

to Healthy Diet & Nutrition Training

(including P.E.Gs)

Course Objectives

  • What is “a balanced diet” and how can this translate to supporting your client?
  • Basic nutritional ‘facts’
  • Choice versus ‘healthy eating’
  • Presentation of food (including portion sizes)
  • Client involvement in food ‘prep’:
- Menu planning and shopping – person centred involvement

- Individual planning, smelling and tasting

- Recognition of individual sensory awareness (including hunger)

  • Fortifying foods and nutritional supplements
  • Choice, control and communication!
  • P.E.G.
  • Clients who can enjoy ‘tasters’ – associated ‘risks’
  • Clients who are totally P.E.G. dependent
  • Nutritional assessment/care planning – dietary and specialist therapist involvement
  • Practical P.E.G. training awareness


Course information

Duration: Half day

Who should attend: All Support, Care & Health Staff, as appropriate

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Cost: £345 + VAT

Travel Charge: Dependent on Location

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Person Centred Approach to Healthy Diet and Nutrition

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