Verification of Expected Adult Death


Care after Death

This course is for Registered Nurses working in Residential Homes, Nursing Homes or other community settings who wish to take on the extended role of verification of expected adult death. This course aims to enable participants to have the knowledge and competencies necessary to correctly verify death.


  • To understand the role of the Registered Nurse in Verification of Expected Adult Death and the conditions set by the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) when undertaking this role
  • To identify the circumstances when it would be appropriate and helpful for a Registered Nurse to be able to fulfil this role
  • To differentiate between verification and certification of death
  • To outline the differences between expected death and other patterns of dying
  • To be able to list the accepted clinical signs of death
  • To identify the documentation that needs to be completed before, during and after verification of expected death, according to local policy


Participants should be Registered Nurses with current and active NMC registration

The organisation they work for must have an up to date policy for the verification of expected adult death by registered nurses which is in line with their local NHS policy


Duration:half day

Who should attend:Registered Nurses (max. 8 candidates per session)

Certification:Certificate of Attendance

Cost:£395 +VAT (max. 8 candidates)

Travel Charge:Dependent on Location

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Verification of Expected Death

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