Substance Misuse Awareness

This short course is an introductory enable staff to gain knowledge, skills and confidence at recognising signs & symptoms of substance misuse, thereby reducing stigma and discrimination

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge of alcohol dependency and drug dependency, Inc. common drugs misused
  • Awareness of the impact of alcohol & drugs on our health and society today
  • Knowledge and observation skills regarding the physical and psychological effects of dependency, recognising Duty of Care responsibilities and the need for positive risk strategies
  • Gain confidence in working with dependency issues due to an increased understanding and knowledge

Course notes

We recommend that service managers discuss with the trainer prior to delivery the specific service provision so that this course can be tailored to your requirements


Course Information

Duration:Half day

Who should attend:All staff

Certification:Certificate of Attendance


Travel Charge:Dependent on Location

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Substance Misuse

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