Seizures within Dementia

In response to recent evidence/research within dementia care, this course highlights the importance of staff being aware of the need for observation, reporting and recording of seizure activity, for those people with cognitive deficits due to changes in the brain.

The course includes:

  • The different types and classifications of seizures
  • Potential causes, trigger factors and incidence in relation to the people you support
  • Awareness of seizures within the elderly population and those living with dementia (including incidence and latest research)
  • Potential effects that epilepsy may have on the individual
  • To be able to respond appropriately - first aid for convulsive and non-convulsive seizures
  • Responsibilities in relation to observing, reporting and record keeping
  • Appropriate interventions and treatments for those experiencing seizures, including appropriate management of status epilepticus
  • Accessing specialist advice and support


Course Information

Duration:4 Hours

Who should attend:All staff

Certification:Certificate of Attendance

Cost:£345.00+VAT (numbers dependent on venue size)

Travel Charge:Dependent on Location


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Seizures in Dementia

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