Relapse Prevention in Substance Misuse

This course aims to enable staff to understand the stages of relapse and help them to gain the skills to use specific relapse prevention techniques.

Course Objectives

  • To explore motivational drives from pre-contemplation to maintaining change
  • To learn about thinking patterns and effects on decision making
  • To explore the relationship between thought processes and emotional responses
  • To learn about negative automatic thoughts and their effects on cravings, urges and temptations
  • To gain an awareness of ‘Mind Traps’ and coping strategies to prevent lapsing and relapsing
  • To understand the importance of planning and developing personal Recovery Plans
  • To understand the importance of safe social networks
  • To learn the importance of keeping mentally well and of keeping stress to a minimum
  • To understand the importance of sleep hygiene and practical solutions to help insomnia

Course notes

Candidates to have completed the Substance Misuse Awareness half day training prior to attending this course


Course Information

Duration: Half day

Who should attend: All staff working with clients who are drug and alcohol dependent and involved in relapse prevention

Certification:Certificate of Attendance

Cost: £345 + VAT

Travel Charge:Dependent on Location

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Relapse Prevention

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