Understanding Personality Disorders

This course is suitable for all staff, Registered Nurses, Carers, Support Workers and managers working within Mental Health Care settings where they are delivering care to individuals who may be diagnosed with a personality disorder. It aims to offer a broader understanding of the terminology and a greater understanding of individual presentations.

Course Objectives

  • To gain an understanding of Personality Disorder including the different types
  • To understanding predisposing factors, attachment theory & learned behaviours
  • To explore and understand the different ways in which a person with a personality disorder diagnosis may present
  • To understand underlying needs & the factors that sustain behaviours
  • To understand the different presentations and the symptoms of personality disorder
  • To gain awareness of the importance of maintaining professional boundaries, team working and supervision when working with this client group
  • To address some of the challenges that staff face when working with individuals and to discuss management strategies and helping techniques



Duration: 4 hours

Who should attend: All staff

Group size: Dependant on venue & group work, average 14 max

Certification:Certificate of Attendance

Cost: £345.00+VAT

Travel Charge:Dependent on Location


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Personality Disorders

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