P.E.G. Feeding and Dysphagia training

This session aims to promote correct and safe management of P.E.G, helping to equip staff with the basic knowledge and confidence to be able to work with clients who require gastrostomy care.

Also to understand Dysphagia: symptoms, diagnosis, care and treatment.

To include:

  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the digestive system.
  • P.E.G. feeding and why gastrostomies are sometimes required.
  • Understanding organisational policy and procedure in relation to P.E.G. feeding and gastrostomy care.
  • Identification of the range of equipment available.
  • Discussing effective use of equipment.
  • How to deal with problems in relation to P.E.G. feeding and gastrostomy care.
  • Dysphagia: signs and symptoms, diagnosis, care and treatment.
  • The physiology of swallowing and conditions associated with swallowing problems.
  • Risks of aspiration; importance of positioning during feed and the following period.
  • Identification of when medical referral is required.

Course Notes

This underpinning knowledge must be consolidated within the workplace for the candidate to become competent.

This session may be delivered in-house as training/supervision with our Registered Nurse trainer working in a small  group situation with staff and client.


Course Information

Duration: FROM 3 hours

Who should attend: Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Cost: £345.00 + VAT

Travel Charge: Dependent on Location

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