Nutrition and M.U.S.T.

This half day course is designed to help equip staff working within the health and social care sector to meet the nutrition and hydration needs of our service users, supporting a person-centred approach to a healthy diet.

The course aims to meet the Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidance and outcomes (Outcome 5) in accordance with the Section 20 Regulations of the Health and Social Care Act 2008

Module Objectives

To support staff working within the care sector(s) to:

  • Understand the importance of a “healthy, balanced diet” and how this translates to supporting our service users (to include nutrition and hydration)
  • Identify service users who are “at risk” of poor nutrition and dehydration (to include swallowing difficulties);
  • Be aware of when & how M.U.S.T. should be incorporated within an individual’s nutritional support plan (Malnutrition Universal Support Tool)
  • Gain awareness of different levels/types of support that may be needed to enable service users to eat and drink sufficient amounts for their needs
  • Develop knowledge in relation to basic nutritional facts, to include: the “Eat Well Plate”; the 5 main food groups, nutrients, fluids and hydration
  • Consider fortifying foods and nutritional/dietary supplements
  • Understand how poor diet can contribute to health problems and how to promote good health through healthy diet
  • Promote “Rights and Choices”: menu-planning, shopping, person-centred planning, smell, taste, recognition of sensory awareness (including hunger)
  • Develop an awareness of cultural diversity and how we can consider food and hydration in relation to cultural and religious beliefs/practices and requirements
  • Understand the legislation and regulations that govern the safe preparation and handling of food plus managing client nutritional needs



Duration: Half day

Certification: Certificate of attendance

Cost: £345 + VAT (recommended group size 12-14 maximum)

Travel charge: Dependant on location

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Nutrition and M.U.S.T.

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