Moving & Handling and *Falls Prevention Training

This course is designed to meet legislative requirements for staff annual mandatory training/updates.

Course Objectives:

  • To update awareness of health & safety legislation relevant to manual handling.
  • To reinforce the risks of injury from poor handling and help to reduce incidents/accidents
  • To understand the process of appropriate risk assessment.
  • To be able to demonstrate the use of safer manual handling principles.
  • To  identify the risk factors and consequences of falling
  • To  identify preventative measures (risk reduction and person-centred care)
  • To know what action to take if a fall occurs
  • To know where to source help and further information

To include:

-Facts about back injury through client handling in care work.    

-Legislation, supporting literature & documentation.

-Spinal mechanics, good working postures, risks of sustaining musculoskeletal injury & care of the back.

-Application of Ergonomics.

-The importance of risk assessment - formal & informal.

-Principles of safer manual handling of inanimate loads.

-Principles of safer manual handling of people (transfers) [not including use of equipment]

*Falls Prevention

can be delivered as a stand-alone course (e.g. 3 hours) and covered in more depth and detail:

  • Potential physical and psychological consequences of falling
  • Potential “risk factors”, “Multifactorial Falls Risk Assessment  and Post Fall Assessment”
  • 'Home hazard assessment and intervention’ and the responsibility/accountability of all staff to be observant and ‘tuned in’ to positive risk reduction
  • How risk factors may be reduced for our clients including the value of health promotion, environment checks, good nutrition, hydration and exercise, medication reviews, capacity & sight checks etc.
  • Fall Responses and Interventions (relating to organsiational policies and procedures)



Duration: Half day

Who should attend: All staff requiring their annual mandatory training/update

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Cost:£345.00 + VAT (ideal max group size 14 -  dependent on venue) size)

Travel Charge:Dependent on Location

This training is also available for individuals to access as an open course  - see our programme  HERE

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Moving & Handling/Falls Prevention

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