Lone Working & Personal Safety

This 4 hour course aims to provide support and guidance for all staff working for periods of time alone in the community or in residential settings


  • To understand organisational policies & procedures and support structures, linking to Health & Safety legislation & guidance
  • To explore practical strategies for maintaining safety & security (Inc. personal safety, defusing situations, tracing systems etc)
  • To review professional boundaries (Inc. accountability, responsibility and confidentiality for both the employer & employee)
  • To understand the importance of training, supervision and review of lone working within the organisation
  • To explore dynamic risk assessments and personal awareness to spot when situations or people are potentially a threat to your safety.
  • To address issues surrounding ‘untoward incidences’ and the requirements for documentation and further alerting/reporting as necessary

Module Notes

  • Organisations are encouraged to give the trainer, copies of their existing policies prior to the training
  • Scenarios’, discussions and group work will be incorporated into this session



Duration: 4 Hours

Who should attend: All Staff/Team members who may be working alone or in isolated/less supported areas of work.

Certification :Certificate of attendance

Cost: £345.00+VAT

Travel Charge: Dependent on Location

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Lone Working

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