Dementia Care (Advanced)

This course is important for the whole team - nurses, seniors, team leaders, carers, housekeepers, cooks, volunteers etc.

- to bring a clear understanding of dementia and help develop the skills and understanding required of care-givers who support individuals who have dementia.

Course content will include:

  • The different types of dementia.
  • The effects that dementia may have on behaviour and  potential presentations
  • Ways of optimising the health and well-being of people with dementia, addressing the 12 holistic care needs.
  • The importance of providing an encouraging & supportive environment
  • Discussing fully all aspects of day-to-day care and managing ‘resistance to care‘ through specific techniques & strategies (scenarios/group work)
  • The importance of accurate record keeping and of noting any changes in an individual’s condition.

This course can also be delivered over a full day, to further develop understanding of the factors which relate to an “individual’s” experience of dementia (risk factors/depression/delirium/memory loss diagnosis) and to include comprehensive group work and case studies; with an assessment of learning in the form of a questionnaire at the end of the course.


Course Information

Duration: Half day or full day

Who should attend:Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Care/Support Workers

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Cost:£345.00 + VAT / £495 + vat (maximum numbers dependent on venue)

Travel Charge: Dependent on Location

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Dementia Care Delivery

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