Conflict Management and Resolution Training

This course is designed to recognise different aspects of conflict that staff and professionals may encounter and to understand and be aware of different methods of resolving such conflict; to offer support and guidance to senior staff and team leaders who may be working in difficult situations where conflict is a challenge.

This session will include/discuss:

  • Potential reasons for conflict and factors that can sustain and escalate some situations
  • Management strategies – to identify current concerns and recent experiences
  • Self-awareness, communication skills, negotiation, assertiveness & de-escalation techniques
  • The importance of Professional Boundaries & Organisational procedures and the importance of following due process whilst resolving work place concerns
  • The importance of staff support, supervision and reflective practice.
  • To help staff to gain confidence and to know when and when not to escalate a concern

Course notes

All staff to be encouraged to prepare for the training by reflecting on a conflict situation and to bring a confidential account to the session for discussion and to gain feedback


Course Information

Duration: 4 hours

Who should attend: Care staff and professionals whose work may expose them to situations that may become volatile and may result in violence

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Cost: £345.00 + VAT (Maximum 12 Candidates)

Travel Charge: Dependent on Location

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Conflict Resolution

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