Conflict Resolution Training

This module is designed to recognise different aspects of conflict that staff and professionals may encounter and to understand and be aware of different methods of resolving such conflict.


  • To be able to describe common causes of conflict
  • To be able to describe forms of ‘communication’.
  • To understand how communication can break down.
  • To have an understanding of communication models that can assist in conflict resolution.
  • Understand patterns of behaviour that may be encountered during different interactions.
  • To look at examples of different warning and danger signs.
  • Have an understanding of ‘reasonable force’ within conflict resolution.
  • Demonstrate methods for dealing with possible conflict situations.


Makes use of non-physical intervention.



Duration: 3 hours

Who should attend: Care staff and professionals whose work may expose them to situations that may become volatile and may result in violence

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Cost: £295.00 + VAT (Maximum 12 Candidates)

Travel Charge: Dependent on Location

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Conflict Resolution

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