Managing Conflict Within the Work Place

This course aims to offer support and guidance to staff who may be working in difficult situations where conflict is a real problem or issue.  

This may be in lone working situations or when working within a team

Course Objectives

  • To gain knowledge of ‘advanced’ communication skills
  • To gain an awareness of the dynamics within conflict and how to manage one’s self.
  • To gain conflict resolution skills, including de-escalation techniques.
  • To map these skills to the particular service provision and the educational and developmental needs of the individuals within the conflict situation
  • To understand the importance of assertiveness and negotiation and the need to use these skills during conflict management.
  • To gain understanding regarding professional boundaries and presentation, confidentiality, lone working and maintaining safety.
  • To gain awareness of the importance of team discussion, debriefing and support networks
  • To gain awareness of the need for self-reflection and self-development.

Group discussion & scenarios will be used in session


Course Information

Duration: 4 Hours                                    

Who should attend: All staff, Supervisors & Managers

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Cost: £345 + VAT

Travel Charge: Dependent on Location

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Conflict in the Workplace

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