Managing bullying behaviour/harassment

To promote an understanding of bullying behaviour, to develop communication skills and to provide effective strategies to challenge and support those involved/affected.

Delivered over 2 workshop sessions.

Workshop 1

  • To gain awareness of the law and legislation relating to anti-discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace or social environment
  • To look at the definitions and ‘categories’ of bullying behaviour ( including online/cyber-bullying) and the characteristics
  • To understand the impact (emotional, psychological and physical) and the responses to bullying behaviour
  • Solution  focus and an introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Workshop 2

  • To explore the barriers that can prevent challenging bullying behaviour and to develop effective strategies to challenge and support those involved.
  • Developing strategies:
-    Interpersonal skills practice

-    Communication skills

-    self-awareness and beliefs

-    NLP

  • Signposting to support systems


This course may be delivered in-house and tailored to a particular staff team as required.

Candidates will be encouraged to participate in group work and skills practice



Duration:  2 x 3-hour workshops

Who should attend: All staff (max. 12 candidates per group)

Cost: £345+VAT per session

Travel Charge: Dependant on location

Certification: Certificate of attendance

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