Anger Management Training - Managing Conflict in Young People

This course is suitable for all staff; an interactive session that aims to assist and support staff working with young people

who present with anger management difficulties


  • To explore and define anger, aggression and violence
  • To support and assist staff to develop strategies and techniques
  • To be aware of the necessary documentation and risk assessment procedures in relation to management of anger
The session involves group discussion and skills practise:


‘Chaotic lives’ – empathy and understanding

The psychology of distress

Skills Practise

  • The power of language : using Neuro-Linguistic Programming -  words that influence and change minds/attitudes
  • Listening skills
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Solution focus
  • Goal Setting ; useful questions



Duration: 4 Hours

Who should attend: All staff

Certification: Certificate of Attendance


Travel Charge:Dependent on Location


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Anger Management (young people)

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