Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Awareness

This course aims to discuss and raise awareness of ADHD and ADD and the impact it can have on individuals; to consider emerging evidence, myths and stereotypes and strategies to support adults with ADHD/ADD.


  • To identify own knowledge and understanding of ADD/ADHD
  • To distinguish between myths and facts in regard to ADD/ADHD
  • To consider emerging research and evidence of the cause of ADD/ADHD
  • To identify strategies to aid in the support of an individual with ADD/ADHD
  • To develop and practice skills to improve communication, coaching, goal setting and motivational interviewing to support individuals with ADD/ADHD
  • To identify further learning and support needs
  • To help the candidate to set personal goals for the next step to improve/inform their work

Suitable for all staff




Duration:Full day (7 hours) or half day (3.5 hours)

Who should attend:All staff members                                   

Certification:Certificate of Attendance   

Cost :£545 + VAT full day or £345 for half day

Travel Charge:Dependent on Location

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